Libra Accelerator cable

Hi Guys,

New to the group and need some help.......where can i get a new accelerator cable? The guy who built the car feels it was a MG TF but the forum indicates otherwise.

1.8 160 VVC


Any help would be appreciated


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Rear Suspension


Has anyone got any rear suspension for a Libra/Spyder?

I'm hoping someone who has upgraded to Z Cars has some knocking about?

I want it to replace the rusty stuff on my new one before I get around to redesigning the rear end.

Libra for sale - Honda VTEC

Regretfully I have decided to part with my GTM Libra.  It is a red Libra, factory-built in 2007.  It has been my main car since this time and has been used as my regular transport and was driven every week until this July. After much heart-searching I've decided I can't find the time to rebuild, nor afford to pay for someone else to do it for me.

It is sold as a project as it needs a rebuild - see notes below

Mileage:       64,000

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Build part 1

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Having followed the Spyder for years in the Kitcar press and online I eventually took the plunge at the Stoneleigh show in May 2007. October and the kit was ready for collection....

Dec 07

Website maintainance Tuesday 12th May

Please be aware that the TeamGTM website server is being upgraded this Tuesday.

Generally upgrades happen without an issue but I'm letting you know just in case. In the event of a problem I'll get the site back online as soon as I can.


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website still active


i own the first left hand drive libra, build in 2002 by myself, one of the best cars i have ever build..

the website and build diary is still on linelink ->


harry belgium

Dead and dying websites - an offer

As I browse the web for all things GTM related I notice that many owners sites are disappearing.

This is unfortunate because they offer an insight into the build sequence, issues encountered and approaches used for other GTM owners. Even just the photo diarys can be quite enlighting for those new owners who haven't had the pleasure of putting thier car together.

Classic, Kit & Retro Action Day 2015

Jun 20 2015

Classic, Kit & Retro Action Day

Saturday 20th June 2015

An always popular event in the Action Day calendar that will have a new and exciting element to it this year as we welcome the National Kit & Performance Car Show (previously held at Donington) to join us for a great day filled with club displays, trade, parades & age/type specific track sessions. Wherever your allegiances lie; classic, retro or kit, soak it all up and enjoy!

Neil Hickman's build diary, formally at

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Welcome to my GTM Spyder  website!

I have always loved understanding how things work. There is great satisfaction in pulling something apart, understanding what makes it tick and then putting it back together (so that it still works). Eventually this led me to building my first kit car, a Spartan based on a MK4 Cortina. This was challenging to build but lacked any real ability on the road and was very basic engineering to say the least.