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GTMs on ebay this week

I happened to notice these two very different GTMs go up on eBay this week:

The first one is H580 AVO:

Gareth Woolridge's picture

Stoneleigh 2018

Anyone going this year?

I know Roger can only do Monday this year, so trying to judge if there’s enough other interest to warrant lugging the camper and tent up there for the weekend to camp. 

Libra rear suspension wanted

I am after a set of Libra rear suspension anyone have a spare set consider any but would prefer the newer mk2 set up.

Thanks Matty

GTM Libra B18C Type R

I have been thinking about going back racing in some form and cannot justify having the GTM sat there doing nothing. 

Image URL: 

Sale of GTM Libra, red, 1.6mpi with auto gearbox, on ebay, end date 19 Oct

My GTM Libra Red, 1.6 MPI with auto gearbox, registered in 2000 is now for sale on Ebay (auction end date 19 oct) at


libra for sale?

Hello everybody anybody have or know of any libra's for sale could you please contact me please as i am after a libra many thanks mclar3n.

Libra Renovation - Spare parts info required

Hi to all,

My name is Tony and I have just got my first GTM Libra.

I can only guess you have all seen the pics of it on these type of web sites (I am clueless regarding this type of thing).

It's the yellow Libra thats got black masking tape all over its window because it was vandalised.

Well I'm going to try and get it back on the road, hopefully with the help of some of you guys and girls as I'm not sure what the bits are from and where the best places are to source them.

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Stoneleigh 2017

Any takers, I'll go on Sunday and stay the night.

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Road/Track GTM K3 / Talon K3R For Sale

GTM K3 rebuilt as a one off fast road and track car by Dudley Shearman at Talon Sportcars with integral roll cage under standard removal hardtop.