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After being offline for the last 18 months, I'm very happy to say that TeamGTM is now back and just the way you'll remember it.  I've made taken steps to ensure that it will remain online for the long term.

Set aside an evening and delve into the archives, find that old photo of your car, and strike up a conversation with like-mided people.

GTM Libra with aircraft propeller

I was stunned to discover this on the Internet today


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Stoneleigh 2021

I hope to be there end of August this year 

Anti roll bars

Hello does anybody have any Arb's for a libra?

Failed brake fluid reservoir

Please check your brake fluid reservior!

Mine had gradually been affect by sunlight and gone brittle, see the difference between old and new in the photos below. As you can see the colour has changed on the part that faces the gap at the top of the bonnet.

I wouldn't have noticed but it burst when bleeding the brakes.

Access to information.

Hello is it possible to get access to the old build guides/conversions on the old site please as i have been told theres a lot of handy info on there which would help me out greatly with keeping my libra on the road.
Many thanks Adam.

GTMs on ebay this week

I happened to notice these two very different GTMs go up on eBay this week:

The first one is H580 AVO:


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Stoneleigh 2018

Anyone going this year?

I know Roger can only do Monday this year, so trying to judge if there’s enough other interest to warrant lugging the camper and tent up there for the weekend to camp. 

Libra rear suspension wanted

I am after a set of Libra rear suspension anyone have a spare set consider any but would prefer the newer mk2 set up.

Thanks Matty

GTM Libra B18C Type R

I have been thinking about going back racing in some form and cannot justify having the GTM sat there doing nothing. 

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