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GTM Libra 1.8 20VT DSG

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Bertram Bakker
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Hi there,

My GTM is going to have to make space for  a new project.

For those who do not know my car: it is the only GTM with a 1.8 20VT Audi turbo engine. Besides that it is the only kitcar that I am aware of that uses a DSG gearbox. In the February and March issues of complete kitcar both the build and the finished product were featured. My website hold a detailled log of the build:

The car was registered in 2008, after a 4 year build. Since 2008 it has been of the road for the gearbox conversion for 1 1/2 year. It has done 20.000 km, and it is left hand drive.

The car is properly registered in The Netherlands and it should not be a problem to transfer the registration to any other european country seeing its age.

It has every existing upgrade including everyting GTM had to offer in the past (door panels, door hinges, etc..) and the Z cars suspension.

I do want more than average money for this car. It is insured for 40k€. I am looking for less than that, but if you are looking for a bargain then this car is not for you.

Please contact me via my website.




Colin Howells
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Sorry to see you moving on just when i was getting going on my conversion, but atleast you can't say you didn't push your car in every avenue to the maximum.

Very nice work indeed.

Spin up the Rotrex!!!!!

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