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1.8T conversion kit

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Bertram Bakker
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When converting my Libra to DSG, I was left with a big bin full of parts which compromises a fairly complete 1.8 20VT conversion kit.

Do you dare to go turbo?

5 speed manual gearbox (tests on track revealed that with the 5 speed you are quicker then with a six speed!)

The gearbox has a LSD fitted, and is modified to accept the gear change system detailled below:

custom made gear change system, including all required brackets, cables, gear stick etc

pair of custom made driveshafts, including CV joints gearbox side.

engine and gearbox mounts including steady bar (all custom parts)


The only thing it takes to go turbo, is this set, an engine, exhaust and intercooler.

It will make your Libra frightenly quick Smile

Make me a good offer and it is yours.