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Private Messages

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Craig Lawton
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The site has a private message capability that allows you to send another member a message that is not visible on the forum.

This is handy for contacting members who perhaps don't visit the website much, or to discuss private matters like to send someone your street address or phone number. There are several ways of sending and reading messages, but in general the place to look is 'My Messages'. You'll find a link in the left hand menu under your name:


It takes you to your received messages:


and there is a tab to allow you to send messages.

Start to type the persons names in the 'To' box and it'll be suggested to you. Then complete the Subject and Message boxes and press Send.


The recipients will receive an email with the message contents and a link to the message on the website to respond.


To quickly send a message to a particular user click on the persons name and then click 'Send this user a message'

UPDATE: You'll now see an envelope icon below user's names that takes you straight a page to send the user a message.