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Paul yeomans
Joined: Jan 15 2012

Hello all, 

Had a good day at stoneleigh today on the team gtm stand. Bumped into some friendly people who recognised my car, blue "Spyder 1" and remembered its builders a chap called Derek I think. As I have no history with this car I'd like to get in touch with the builder. Does anymore still know him? Also the people I met mentioned that I might be able to see all his old posts from the old site.... I can work out where these older posts are, can anyone help? 

Thanks, and thanks too for the friendly welcome


Craig Lawton
DonatorOld School
Joined: Oct 6 2004

Hi Paul,

I've upgraded your account to be able to access the non-public parts of the site. You'll see these areas  in the forum listing on the left hand menu (or

Have a quick search for spyder1 or Derek and I'm sure you'll find years of goodies.