You are hereKitfest action day, Castle coombe, July 19th '14

Kitfest action day, Castle coombe, July 19th '14

Apr 14 2014 17:36

I am going to this, anyone else?

how about a club stand if enough interest.

Sounds great but I have a feeling I'm busy that weekend.
Track time is particularly appealing.


I had not realised Craig, you are all a racing fraternaty, I was looking for construction developement!



You'll find all types here, including a few who take their GTMs racing.
I've never driven on a track before but this event sounds like a good place to dip my toe in.
It also has a lot of the other stuff I go to shows for like the market and exhibitors, and good company.

What sort of events go on in Ireland, and do you go to them?

Speaking off racing I just remembered about the Formula E topic I was going to post...


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Ive had track time at a previous action day, and its a bargain, and ideal for first timers.

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This has been cancelled due to lack of manufacturers etc willing to attend.

sad note for the industry!


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It is very sad to note that this event was cancelled due to lack of willing to attend. It is really very sad for the industry.