Libra V6

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Ian Wood
Joined: Sep 1 2014

I feel the time has come to let go of the love of my life as I have used her very little in the last two years. She is a black Libra V6 built by GTM in 2004 and used as their demonstrator until I bought it in November 2006. Tan interior, adjustable protek shocks, ITG induction kit and superlight alloy wheels. 30,000 mls. just mot'ed and taxed for six months. Anybody interested out there?

Joined: Sep 15 2014

Hello, yes, I could be interested.  Just joined the Forum, but have been following GTM's for many years -

Do you have a guide price?  Private message me?

Thanks -

Joined: Jan 10 2014

Hi Ian,

Haven't been looking on here for a while so I've only just seen your post.

Is the car still available? Or is it now sold?

If available, where abouts are you and what sort of money are you looking for?



Craig Lawton
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Hi James,

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