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Build part 1

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Having followed the Spyder for years in the Kitcar press and online I eventually took the plunge at the Stoneleigh show in May 2007. October and the kit was ready for collection....

Dec 07

...3 months later, with Christmas and other decorating duties completed it was time to start. Quite a bit of stuff is now in the loft and the rest is squirreled around the garage. You can see the front clam hanging from the ceiling, the rear clam is sitting behind the tub. The windscreen wipers and washers are already in following a tip from the chap that used to build these at the factory. It is just easier to get to them before you start adding things to the tub.

Jan 08

I had great fun pulling the hubs apart and rebuilding them with new bearing and ball joints. The Caliper holes have also been drilled out to 17mm ready to take the inserts supplied with the kit. This will be necessary to mount the MGF rear calipers to these metro hubs.

Feb 08

MGF front  Trophy AP calipers and rear  hand brake calipers getting the 2 pack treatment.

Front suspension fully assembled onto the main tub. After a little head scratching I was able to seal the steering rack around the spindle by using a black 50mm pipe grommet I had in a box of plumbing bits. I think they are used when joining a 50mm pipe into a stack.

Latest item being refurbished is the petrol tank. Not just a box with petrol in as I have discovered. Apparently the pattern parts can leave you with fuel starvation under heavy cornering. This one is an original that just needs a little tlc...

... and after. Fuel sender refitted but pump needs to be replaced with a MPI (multipoint injection) version as the donor was only fitted with single point injection. 

Mar 08

This is the original Metro pedal box top plate having been stripped modified and painted. I've removed the clutch cable collar (top right) and will need to find some kind of grommet to seal up this hole. Just below this I needed to drill a 30mm centre hole and two mounting holes for the MGF hydraulic master cylinder. To get a better fit here I heated the plate and hammered it flat around the new mounting.

Grinding an angle on  the cylinder base also helped achieve a closer fit. 

When it came to fitting I then had to make up a tapered aluminum base plate to allow the reservoir to clear the bodywork. One of those modifications you wish you had never started.

Brake servo stripped and painted. Now I'm ready to reassemble the box with the new GTM pedals.  

New pedals fitted. Clutch is low because the hydraulic master cylinder is yet to fitted. A clevis pin for the connection has been added to my shopping list of things to buy from Rimmer Bros. 

I couldn't resist drilling out the rivets to take the clutch master apart to strip and paint it (with sprayed silver smoothrite). Just waiting a couple of days for the paint to harden before reassembly and fitting to the new mounting holes in the pedal box top plate.

The brake master cylinder gets similar treatment. I used an old bolt, cut down and slotted, to seal up the hydraulic connections whilst cleaning up and painting. Small parts like this are very satisfying to clean up using a bench grinder with a wire brush wheel attached.

Brake and clutch master cylinders mounted on pedal box and an electrical wiring grommet used to blank off the old clutch cable aperture.


Next I decided to make a start on the rear suspension. The outer bracket goes on first aligning with the dimples on the tub. Getting your arm through the hole in the sill to reach the inside fixing is challenging to say the least.

The inner bracket is positioned using the dimples as a height guide and attaching the wishbones to define the final position. The box section needed some grinding away at the bottom with a dremel type tool to get the spreader plate to fit.

Driver's side rear suspension minus hubs, which need to be fitted later when the drive shafts are in place. Now to the passenger side...


Ray-spyder's picture

Wow thank u team gtm and Neil for allowing your build site to be shown . I'm now the proud owner of this car and the build is second to non. Neil you did an amazing job . The car should be back on the road in the summer. The build is taking a bit longer than expected due to my wedding and DIY commitemnts but I only have bodie work to go. Thank u again and keep up the good Craig

Hi Ray,

I'm glad that you've found it to be useful!

I have more pages from Neil's old site which I haven't posted yet, thanks for spurring me on!