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Libra Accelerator cable

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Hi Guys,

New to the group and need some help.......where can i get a new accelerator cable? The guy who built the car feels it was a MG TF but the forum indicates otherwise.

1.8 160 VVC


Any help would be appreciated


Neil Hickman
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When I built my spyder I had problems getting the accelerator to operate smoothly - ended up buying a universal venhill  featherlight replacement which was excellent. Looking at their website I think all their cables are now made to that spec. - not sure how long a cable you need so worth measuring the old one - the universal kit had the fittings I needed for my 1.8 vvc

Hope that is of some help smiley

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Thanks Neil, ordered today and then the fun of fitting it!

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Not wishing to teach grandpeople to suck eggs, but I have just completed this onerous task myself, and would advise a little thought before jumping in. Of course it is a pain - the fitting to the throttle pedal is pure nuisance all on its own, but another menace is getting the cable through the transverse box section just in front of the seats, if you have not used the old cable as a pull-through. How do I know this? Guess!!

Even if you have thought of this, there is still the question of whether you thread through the rear bulkhead from the front or from the rear, this being "not quite as simple as it looks", on account of the different sizes of the nipples at each end, and the rubber grommit which should be fitted to the rear bulhead.

Best of luck - at least you shouldn't have to do it again for a fair few years.

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Is it just my car?......where the cable goes through the pedal box, there is a cable hole, would it not have been easier to cut a slot in the aperture so you could slip the cable through after slipping it over the throttle pedal end or maybe that is what others did?!


Should be finished this morning, if the rain holds off, not much room for a 6'2" bloke lying on his back in the footwell!

The joys of Kitcar ownership



Craig Lawton
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I can relate having done the foot brake switch. I'm not as tall as you and managed to do it with the seat left in place.

Can you post some photos of your installation for others to see?