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Engine swap update

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Richard Kendal
Joined: Aug 21 2016

Hi All,

The 1600 has been successfully installed and actually started first time! I had cooling issues and read through numerous posts and in the end came to the conclusion it was a jammed Thermostat. This was odd though as the water pipe section came from the 1100 engine and was okay a couple of months ago. Sure enough it stayed shut when tested and the system worked fine without it.

Anyway I'll run it gently for a couple of days until I get a replacement and see what else falls off, fails or brakes in the meantime.....


Ryan Yarrow
Old School
Joined: May 9 2009

Hi Richard, good stuff. It is odd but it happens.. as long as you solved the issue without any terminal damage it's not worth worrying about. It may be worth going on the GTMOC forum if you're not already? (I don't recognise the name) there's a lot of good archive info here on TGTM but GTMOC is a lot more active nowadays if you have any questions etc etc.