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Libra Renovation - Spare parts info required

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tony t
Joined: Apr 17 2017

Hi to all,

My name is Tony and I have just got my first GTM Libra.

I can only guess you have all seen the pics of it on these type of web sites (I am clueless regarding this type of thing).

It's the yellow Libra thats got black masking tape all over its window because it was vandalised.

Well I'm going to try and get it back on the road, hopefully with the help of some of you guys and girls as I'm not sure what the bits are from and where the best places are to source them.

So can anyone tell me what car make, model, year, etc to get parts from?

I need a replacement passenger window and a rear screen to start.

Is there anywhere I could get a manual/list of any sort to help to ID what all the parts are from?

Any help on any of the above would be really appreciated.


Kind regards


Craig Lawton
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Joined: Oct 6 2004

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the club!
I'm not familiar with your car, but congratulations on your purchase. Hopefully the repairs will be straight forward.

The windscreen is a Fiat Cinquecento.


tony t
Joined: Apr 17 2017

this is the test page

Roger Hammond
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The side windows are MK3 Escort.

Donor parts will either be Rover Metro or Rover 100

To tell the difference the Metro has the hazard switch on the top of the steering column and slightly square stalks. Rover 100 has round stalks and hazard switch to the RHS of the steering wheel.

Take and post some pics of brakes, engine etc and we can tell you what you have got.

The rear screen in the clam is just polycarbonate cut to fit.

The rear screen in the tub is glass and bespoke. I guess if you need one of those a glass place could make you one.