The bonnet of the Libra pivots forward to allow access to the radiator fan, battery and spare wheel. When it is shut it is fixed in position by five fasteners. These fasteners hold the bonnet rigidly to the tub and prevent any movement. A front splitter mould is fitted to the front edge of the bonnet in front of the radiator.

Bonnet and front splitter mould assembly

This assembly should be undertaken with the radiator ducting T0107 attached to monocoque T0100. Drill two pilot holes from the inside of the radiator ducting T0107 in the positions shown in the bottom front corners of the ducting. From the outside of the radiator ducting now open these holes up with a hole saw to approximately 20mm. Use pivot holder T0609 as a template and work from the outside of the moulding. Drill two Ø6mm holes through the pivot holder into the moulding with the boss of the pivot holder through the previously drilled Ø20mm clearance hole. The pivot holder should be positioned with the base of the triangle parallel to the base of the radiator ducting and the hypotenuse facing the driver or passenger. Now open these four holes up to approximately Ø15mm with a hole saw.

Working from the outside of the radiator ducting push two 6mm Nyloc nuts and washers through the retaining plate T0608 and attach pivot holder T0609. This assembly should now give a certain amount of adjustment up and down, forwards and backwards and can be nipped up prior to fitting the bonnet. Attach the three Spiro clip plates T0602 to the monocoque using 15mm long, No 8 self tapping screws. At this stage do not insert any packing washers between the Spiro clip plate and monocoque. Consult drawings No 19&21 and attach the two sill mounting brackets T0613 to the top of the sills using four 15mm long No 8 self tapping screws. The positions for all these mountings are indicated on the monocoque by small indentations. Fit five fairing ‘U’ nuts T0615 to the brackets previously mounted to the monocoque. In the bonnet, mark and pilot drill two holes for the fitting of the pivot bushes T0611. Drill Ø13mm and fit the two bushes.

The bonnet can now be placed over the radiator ducting and two pivot pins T0610 inserted from within the ducting. Insert two ‘R’ clips through the hole of the pivot holder T0609 and pin T0610.

The position of the bonnet pins can now be adjusted by loosening the four Ø6mm Nyloc nuts on the inside of the radiator ducting. Adjust the bottom edge of the bonnet so that it is level with the bottom edge of the ducting. The forwards and backward position of the bonnet can be determined by where the bonnet fits on top of the sill. Once you are certain you have these in the correct relative positions tighten the four Ø6mm lock nuts from within the radiator ducting.

Pilot drill the five holes necessary for the fairing fasteners T0600 and open out to Ø6mm clearance. The fairing fasteners can now be used and the position of the fairing mounting brackets finally adjusted.

Bonnet splitter

The front splitter mould is held in place by two bighead fasteners TO648 and two No 8 self tapping screws. Within the centre of the rebate for the splitter mould mark two hole positions 200mm from the centre of the car.

Drill these holes to Ø6mm. Place the splitter mould in its position and mark through the Ø6mm holes already drilled onto the back face of the splitter mould. Bond two bighead fasteners TO648 to the inner face of the splitter mould in the positions you have just marked using body filler.

Slot the Ø6mm holes drilled in the bonnet to enable the top hat studs to go through easily and bolt up on the rear face. Out of sight of the front of the car drill through and mount the bottom corner with No 8 self tapping screws.