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GTMs on ebay this week

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Craig Lawton
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I happened to notice these two very different GTMs go up on eBay this week:

The first one is H580 AVO:

"Built in June 2001 by GTM cars for Peter Filby, the editor of Which Kit. Registered by the factory as a GTM Libra (rebuilt/assembled from parts), but using an H plate donor vehicle hence the registration and means pre cat emissions test. The car was magazine featured in October of 2001, and a copy of the magazine is included in the sale. Log book states 3 previous owners. I bought it in May of 2015 as a project and have been working on it since. In that time I have repainted it, fitted a re trimmed interior, Modified the rear suspension to an updated configuration, replaced the rod gearlinkage with a cable type, replaced the 1.6 k series with a 1.8 VVC, replaced the gearbox with a PG1, so the running gear and performance is now similar to a Lotus Elise 111S circa 2005. Modified the front and rear clamshells to accommodate more modern/better lighting and upgraded the aero to include a front splitter and rear spoiler. Head lights are now from a Lupo and you can actually use the car at night...…………… Tail lights, indicators and fog/reversing lights are LED units and resistors installed to correct flashing rate error for the MOT. This has transformed the way the car looks and coupled with the Nightfire Red paintwork, (oddly suggested by Peter Filby in the article) and satin black motorsport wheels it can now truly be described as stunning. You will never see another like it, and its great fun to drive. My passion is more for the work so I am now selling to make room for the next project (V8 Defender restomod). Payment by bank transfer only."

And the other is

"Supercar Project for Sale - £3,500. (Leicester, UK). After years of work on this project I have now decided to sell it as I have a classic car restoration project I want to finish. It breaks my heart to have to sell this but I need the space. Ive spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of pounds getting this far and most of the hard engineering and fabrication has been done. Its made up of a GTM Spyder composite monocoque tub which has been strengthened with a heavy- duty steel spine. All the hoses and utilities run through the spine (power steering hoses and water pipes are included). The tub mates up to a Lotus Esprit front end and rear engine frame, (heavily modified and strengthened), which bolt up to the tub and the central spine. The suspension is standard Esprit v8. A custom aluminium fuel tank has been fabricated (and tested) which houses the Audi fuel pump and gauge sender. The engine is an Audi S4 B5 twin turbo v6 with modified Audi ECU and purpose made intercoolers. It has 56,000 miles on it. Currently it is set up to make around 300hp, but these engines can easily make 450-500hp with further mods. A Fidanza lightweight aluminium flywheel and Lotus Esprit v8 power steering pump is fitted. The gearbox is an Audi 6 speed transaxle with the correct ratios for a petrol engine car (not a diesel gearbox). Bespoke motorsport heavy duty driveshafts have been fabricated (Audi inner, Lotus outer) by DaveMc Propshafts. The gear linkage has been fabricated and just needs the correct length cables. The exhaust is a modified Porsche 996 Turbo unit (very light) with top exit pipes. The standard Audi A4 dashboard has been modified to fit the tub and retains the Audi instruments, heating and air con unit. The ECU and instruments have been recoded by MRC (Banbury) to remove the Audi immobiliser, so the engine starts and runs. Braking is made up of Brembo 8 pot front brakes with touring car spec disks mounted to aluminium bells and the rear has Brembo 4 pots with disks and aluminium bells. There are separate Brembo handbrake calipers for the rear. A set of Wilwood bias adjustable master cylinders and reservoirs are included. The car comes with a full V5 registration document and chassis plate from the original GTM Spyder, (so can just be MOT’s and taxed to run), plus reams of invoices and info. Manuals on the Audi engine and parts and maintenance manuals for the Esprit can also be provided. Although it needs front and rear clams for the bodywork I have made up a ¼ scale model of how the finished body could look. This model will come with the car. As you can see the original Audi wiring loom is used (shown on the roof of the car at the moment). This can be stripped and all unused cables removed once the project is ready for final build. The wheels in the photographs are NOT included in the sale. "