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About TeamGTM

TeamGTM is a group enthusiasts of GTM's range of mid engined sportscars. TeamGTM also provides an online help facility for owners who are building or seeking to improve their own GTM cars. Being internet based, and incorporating an online forum with a vast archive, responses to questions these builders have could potentially be answered in a few minutes.

TeamGTM has been founded for the benefit of GTM owners, former owners, potential owners, fans etc etc to provide a source of information, social events  and entertainment… The idea behind TeamGTM is to provide a forum for enthusiasts to get together to enjoy both their cars, and indeed their enthusiasm, with other similar nutters as often as possible, and in as many varied ways as possible.

To achieve this all of the events we organise here at TeamGTM will be advertised on this website to give all members the opportunity to turn up and take part should they so desire. The idea however isn't solely that we organise all the events. On the contrary the idea is that you, the members, now have the forum through which to advertise quickly and efficiently your own events, in your own local areas, and give other members the opportunity to take advantage of your own organisational skills. Simply drop us an email here at TeamGTM and we will advertise your event on the website, or you can advertise it yourself on the members forum