Z Cars Trailing Arm Conversion

Have been posting more on GTMOC of late as it seems this site is fairly inactive nowadays but thought I would mention this anyway as I know people are still lurking.


Basically Z cars are back up and running and I've been talking with them about doing a group buy to bring the cost down.

Unfinished kit back on eBay

On eBay at the moment is an unfinshed kit for £4450: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322392763604

I remember when mine was that shiny!

There's a great phrase in the description 'The wheels are new as are the tyres'.


Identifying K-series 1.4 engines. How?

I'm new round here and looking to find a Libra or K3 to play with.  One snag is that I know very little (nothing) about K-series engines so need help in identifying the various versions.

Google tells me the 1.4 engine (the one I'm most likely to get it seems) comes in various forms with 75, 82, 90 or 103 BHP, all are twin cam and some have VV so it's quite confusing to me.

Libra or K3

Are there any Libra's or K3's out there for sale?

Engine swap update

Hi All,

The 1600 has been successfully installed and actually started first time! I had cooling issues and read through numerous posts and in the end came to the conclusion it was a jammed Thermostat. This was odd though as the water pipe section came from the 1100 engine and was okay a couple of months ago. Sure enough it stayed shut when tested and the system worked fine without it.

Anyway I'll run it gently for a couple of days until I get a replacement and see what else falls off, fails or brakes in the meantime.....


Rear hub nut!

Sorry to create a new topic on something so dull, but having major snags with the rear hub nuts on the Libra- can someone confirm that they are both right hand threads each side?

I'm just passed the 'massive wrench and impact gun failed' stage and now thinking heat gun...

Many thanks, J.

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raceline wheel

Hi all

Im looking for one centre cap for a raceline GTM wheel to complete my set.

Please have a look at your pile of parts to help me out.

Regards Andrew.

MGF rear brake upgrade

Happy Sunday all,

Back again and onto the next job. Shes currently fitted with tiny Rover 200 rear calipers using a Talon adapter plate on the Metro uprights/hub with 240mm discs. Therefore, it's suffering badly from very front bias braking as I've got 4-pots upfront on 305mm disc.

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V37 in Complete Kitcar

Hi all,

as you can see fame in Complete Kitcar this month smiley

Regards Andrew

Hi, have just recently acquired this Coupe

Hi all have just bought this car - does anyone know anthing about it - it does have a hillclimb history - apparently  Steve


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