MK 1 Combined Suspension Brackets Wanted


Hi all,

I'm after a set of bulkhead brackets for the Mk 1 (balljoint) type rear suspension arms if anyone has some unused ones stuck in the garage.    

I need the 4 bracket type that combined the upper and lower mount in one piece.

Please let me know if you have some brackets you're willing to sell.



Libra or Spyder

Thinking I might like another libra or maybe a Spyder, just wondered if anyone was thinking of selling up in the not too distant future. 

Autotune Gemini for sale

Hi Guys

I am trying to move an 'Autotune Gemini' on for a recently widowed, lady friend, she was married six months and hubby diedsad

The car has been in a garage, on sorn for 5 years, i will try to get it running next week

It looks very well built and has all the right ingedients...Kent crossflow on twin Webers, cobras, racing roll bar, oil cooler, ignition cut off etc etc

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Libra Suspension settings

Hi Guys, I need some help if possible

I have misplaced the original build manual for my car (loaned to a friend and it has now vanished) 

I need some advise on the suspension settings, tow in/out...ride height etc

The car runs reasonably straight and corners ok but having checked the toe in/outs both front and rear they are all over the shop

Or if someone has a build manual i could copy as a starter?

Many thanks in advance

Brian Bealey


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Libra rear suspension MK1 Brand New!

I have a set of MK1 Libra rear trailing arms.

They are brand spanking new. Some parts not even unwrapped!

I have:

4 bulkhead brackets
4 trailing arms
8 ball joints fitted to the arms with nuts/adjusters. (bulkhead end)

I don't have the adjustable tie bars or brackets for the hub or the hub end ball joints. Only the parts listed above.

The parts are as new. No rust at all. I don't think they were ever fitted as the MK2 suspension was released during the build.

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Libra For Sale

Blue k series libra for sale. Mot till next april, driving well properly sorted, just fitted ARB front and back, yokohama track day tyres. also VVC engine available including mems 3 and alarm box and fob. No sensible offers refused for car or engine or both.

Ashley Marr

07775 841361

Libra Accelerator cable

Hi Guys,

New to the group and need some help.......where can i get a new accelerator cable? The guy who built the car feels it was a MG TF but the forum indicates otherwise.

1.8 160 VVC


Any help would be appreciated


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Rear Suspension


Has anyone got any rear suspension for a Libra/Spyder?

I'm hoping someone who has upgraded to Z Cars has some knocking about?

I want it to replace the rusty stuff on my new one before I get around to redesigning the rear end.

Libra for sale - Honda VTEC

Regretfully I have decided to part with my GTM Libra.  It is a red Libra, factory-built in 2007.  It has been my main car since this time and has been used as my regular transport and was driven every week until this July. After much heart-searching I've decided I can't find the time to rebuild, nor afford to pay for someone else to do it for me.

It is sold as a project as it needs a rebuild - see notes below

Mileage:       64,000

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